Makoto Moroi - Kusabira CD 25536
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Makoto Moroi - Kusabira CD 25536
"One of pioneers of Japanese electronic music Makoto Moroi composed "Kusabira" for Kyogen (traditional comical theater) with electronic sound in 1964. 'Kusabira' means Mushroom. A strolling Buddhist monk 'Yamabushi' tried to exterminate many Mushrooms grew out in garden of a man's home. However, his magic did not take effect for them but also the Mushrooms began to increase. The man and Yamabushi were driven out of home by large Mushroom finally. In this work, Moroi modulated Kyogen lines into concrete sound. It's so noisy and strange!

This CD also includes Moroi's important work used Japanese traditional instruments. The thought of this work was based on Arving Tofler's 70's book "Future Shock", and was composed as spacephonic music by 4-channel recording system for great player Susumu Miyashita. He played various kinds of Koto, gongs, percussions and Indian flute Bansuries. Sharpness of the performance is so wouderful, and also some human voices transformed noise sound are inserted on middle part of this work. Both works are most avant-garde of Moroi's works!!"

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