Polish Radio Experimental Studios - Pres Scores 2CD 24830

Polish Radio Experimental Studios - Pres Scores 2CD 24830
Double CD, Digipak with 28 page booklet. "PRES Scores" contains original and new realisations of five out of seven Studio's published scores. These are pieces by Andrzej Dobrowolski, Bogusław Schaeffer and Włodzimierz Kotoński "performeed" in PRES by Eugeniusz Rudnik and Bohdan Mazurek and as Bôłt Records commissions by Lionel Marchetti, Thomas Lehn, Philip Zoubek and Wolfram, Arszyn and Piotr Kurek, Marion Wörle and Małe Instrumenty. The scores are a fascinating chapter in the Studio's history. Not only because of the insight into first attempts to write down electronic sounds, being a great material to analyze or displaying links between music and graphics. It is mainly due to the fact that even in those few published scores it is explicitly visible that their utilitarian functions were rapidly replaced with the experimental ones. Precision of communication between a composer and a sound engineer - noticeable in early Dobrowolski's scores or Kotoński's "Study?" - is quickly substbstituted by a tendency to experiment with this communication. (...)"