Mamoru Fujieda - Radiated Falling CD 25352
[Omega Point / EM]

Mamoru Fujieda - Radiated Falling CD 25352
Obscure Tape Music of Japan Vol.11. "Both "Radiated Falling" (1980) and "The Art of Fugue" (1981) are tape compositions in which sound materials of a prepared piano are electronically processed and modulated in various ways. "Radiated Falling" is based on "Falling Scale No.2 for piano" (1975). The sound materials were then transformed to layered sonic textures through the ring modulator, the phase shifter, the harmonizer, and various delay processes. "The Art of Fugue" is based on a simple fugue in four voices from the first piece in The Art of Fugue by J. S. Bach. The four voices were randomly cut into fragments, which were then reassembled to form four new voices. Each of the voices played by a differently prepared piano was recorded in a multi-track recorder to produce sound materials for the piece. The sound materials of the prepared piano was then electronically modulated and spatially processed. - from liner note

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