Joji Yuasa - Music for Theatrical Drama CD 26152
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Joji Yuasa - Music for Theatrical Drama CD 26152
Joji Yuasa composed for some theatrical drama in his early years. This CD contains two works of them, "Mittsu no Sekai" (Three Worlds,1959) and "Oen" (A Woman named 'En' ,1963).

"Mittsu no Sekai" is constructed from orchestral composition and tape sound : music concrete. This mid-section seems industrial music. Actually he was influenced upon Edgar Varese in his earliest years.

On the work "Oen", all the metamorphosed sound made from concrete sounds are used and combined for a tragic story of a woman in Edo era, named 'En' who was put in prison for forty years. This music concrete work aims not only depicting the situation, but also lighting up heroine's dark passion, conscious and subliminal mind and psychological demension. Their deep sound materials are made from amplified inner-played piano, snapped long coil and others.

track 1-10 : Joji Yuasa "Oen" (1963) / 28'12"
track 11: Joji Yuasa "Three Worlds" (1959) / 21'42"

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