Junko & Michel Henritzi - Berlin No Tsuki CDR 20665
[Tochnit Aleph]

Junko & Michel Henritzi - Berlin No Tsuki CDR 20665
Beautiful document of a very special weekend featuring Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan's grand dame of japanese shriek) and french improviser & performer Michel Henritzi (of Dustbreeders), performed as the first two parts of Tochnit Aleph's 15th Anniversary Concert Series. The first piece is a soundboard-recording of Junko's unbelievable & nerve-wrecking solo voice performance (of 40 minutes!) at Trickster, Berlin, May 31 2009. The second piece is the Junko & Michel Henritzi collaboration at Ausland Berlin the day earlier. Edition of 130 numbered copies, double-sided white screenprint on 14x14cm PVC-sleeve with flap, fullcolour artwork, printed high-grade disc in coloured paper envelope.