Hideki Nakazawa - Music Works Concert CD 25244

Hideki Nakazawa - Music Works Concert CD 25244
This is the complete, uncut recording of the concert of the same name, held in the Music Hall of Kichijoji Art Museum on December 8, 2012. All of the tunes were composed by visual artist Hideki Nakazawa under the banner of 'methodicism.' Pieces using two different systems--polyphonic tunes created from the Japanese syllabary, and instrumental pieces for solo performance--were performed alternately. Polyphonic tunes like Japanese Syllabic Invention in Two Voices and Japanese Syllabic Canon in Three Voices were realized with the voices of sei, Madoka Kouno, and Junichiro Tanaka; and instrumental pieces such as From 1 to 56 and Monophony with 768 Musical Tones Each Accompanied by a Grace Note were performed on piano by Yuji Takahashi. The performances were recorded by Taku Unami.