Artbreakhotel - Radam CD 28077
[Tordon Ljud]

Artbreakhotel - Radam CD 28077
"Artbreakhotel is arguably the most well-known of Nobuo Yamada's monikers. Existing for over 10 years this is Artbreakhotel's first solo CD release after previous releases on labels such as Vitrine, Art Into Life, VLZ Produkt and more. What sets Artbreakhotel apart from many other noise projects is its meshing of raw junk noise and an almost psychedelic approach to noise to create, well, something resembling psychedelic junk noise? Moreover, on a related note, one cannot avoid the fact that despite the sometimes cacophonous nature of Artbreakhotel's work there is still a lot of clarity prevalent and this creates a possibility to get very close to the sound itself. You get a feeling that you are almost there - at the scene of action. On this album - "Radam" - Artbreakhotel shows his full range. From calmer, more abstract spells, to full on blasting. This is a demanding album but a rewarding one. „