Marginal Consort - 08.09.13 3CD-Set 27226

Marginal Consort - 08.09.13 3CD-Set 27226
3x CD-Set documentating Marginal Consort's gallery live performance in London, September 2013. "Marginal Concert is the collective improvisation project made up of Kazuo Imai, Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii, and Masami Tada. All of the members were students of Takehisa Kosugi at Bigakko art school in 1975. They started the project on the invitation of Imai in 1997. Each year Marginal Consort holds from one to several concerts in which they perform continuously, without interruption, for two to four hours. Various electronic and acoustic sounds blend and coexist, and myriad sound colors/textures and reverberations flow in a free and spacious way while making large-scale transformations over time. Superb."