Neto - Enumeration MC 27093
[Lust Vessel]

Neto - Enumeration MC 27093
A new genius is lurking behind a suburban ash on Kantō loam. That is Neto, the aural thaumaturge from Japan. Neto presents a debut album summoned with two long pieces of rebarbative phantasmagoria. Generated with treated field recordings, looping phases, feedback and hair‐raising utterances into implied phenomena. The serried vacancy passes through back lanes tinged with provincial reek. Remembrance, reverie and resonance for modern vicissitude crossing the present day.

Professionally duplicated on Chrome Extra tape; The ultimate quality TYPE II/high-bias tape Comes with b/w xerox 5 panel heavy card stock and 3 pieces of postcard size b/w xerox sheets. Strictly limited to 165 copies