Incapacitants - Zashikiwarashi Effect CD 23527
[Ljud & Bild]

Incapacitants - Zashikiwarashi Effect CD 23527
"It is just not possible to hate Incapacitants. Some may be indifferent but it is incomprehensible they would bring up dislike as most artists do. Their sole raison d'étre is noise - pure, loud, rich, and deep noise. The world around us has changed drastically over the three decades Incapacitants have been with us. If you follow their tracks, it is apparent the essence of the band has not changed much, if at all. However, there are slight refinements, tiny variations of theme, and tweaked approaches, whatever might serve the noise. It is hard to pinpoint objective factors that would explain why one record from their discography makes a stronger impact than another. Thus it is not surprising that their latest opus "Zashikiwarashi Effect" (Ljud & Bild Produktion, 2012) feels immediately familiar even though there is something lurking in the shadows. Convulselectronics spark and crackle, a welcoming envelope of buzz and sizzle embraces right from the onset. But isn't there an aura of a senior citizen, that genuine and unfakeable authority? Purely from a theoretical point" - Tommi Keränen. Edition of 300.

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