Jake & Dinos Chapman - From Hell to Hell CD 23818
[Brigade Commerz]

Jake & Dinos Chapman - From Hell to Hell CD 23818
Original recordings by the british visual artists (b. 1962 & 1966), also known as the 'Chapman Brothers', 52 minutes, english language. "When ?Hell? ? till then the main work by the Chapman brothers ? was destroyed in a warehouse fire, they began a modified version, ?Fucking Hell?, and showed it in a London exhibition: ?If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be?. Why Hitler again and again and why all the atrocities in their work? And why a third hell consisting of papier mach? dinosaurs? Answers to these questions are given in the first English language audio-CD from live recordings in November 2008. As sensitive observers of their time, the Chapmans are prepared to break the last taboos when it?s a question of art."

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