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Bernd Schurer - Blind Material CD 27615

Bernd Schurer - Blind Material CD 27615
"Electronic sound pieces and studies from 2008-2015. On blind material, Bernd Schurer presents a compilation of auditory chronicles and studies that, developed over the years, concerns itself with the possibilities of non-signal based presence in sound, stasis and contingency as well as psychoacoustic illusions. In his work blind material, Schurer sonifies various processes using stochastic methods, which can neither be predicted nor directly composed. The material was dramatised in diverse installations on an increasing number of loudspeakers arranged in space and superimposed. In the soliloquy synthesis pieces, these tonal textures become the acoustic background against which unique sound substances circulate in a type of “infinite” regress and unprovable axioms revolve.“

Bernd Schurer is an artist who mainly focuses on the work with sound in a variety of contexts. He has realized compositions and audioworks for film, media- and soundinstallations, as well as for the stage and he has realized one opera score, all of which cover a broad spectrum of distinct aesthethics. His main interest lies in conceiving systems, that are autonomous, interactive or self- contained, trough the use of digital- and computer aided techniques, mostly applying "experimental methods", as well as a healthy dose of research, "skepticism" and daydreaming. He often collaborates closely across different media with other artists.His works have been staged internationally and have received some acclaim and rewards.

*Born 1970 in Zurich; Studies in Philosophy and Film Science at the University of Zuerich. Bachelor of Arts, Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung Luzern.