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Bernd Schurer - Parallax CD 27616

Bernd Schurer - Parallax CD 27616
algorithmic compositions 2004 - 2007. drawings by yves netzhammer.

Bernd Schurer is an artist who mainly focuses on the work with sound in a variety of contexts. He has realized compositions and audioworks for film, media- and soundinstallations, as well as for the stage and he has realized one opera score, all of which cover a broad spectrum of distinct aesthethics. His main interest lies in conceiving systems, that are autonomous, interactive or self- contained, trough the use of digital- and computer aided techniques, mostly applying "experimental methods", as well as a healthy dose of research, "skepticism" and daydreaming. He often collaborates closely across different media with other artists.His works have been staged internationally and have received some acclaim and rewards.

*Born 1970 in Zurich; Studies in Philosophy and Film Science at the University of Zuerich. Bachelor of Arts, Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung Luzern.