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Thomas Peter - Thornbill CD 27617

Thomas Peter - Thornbill CD 27617
"For some time now, Thomas Peter has been working with sound recordings that he made in various public places in the city as well as in private spheres: in lively passageways, quite courtyards, clangourous halls… He investigates these places aurally by analysing from a musical point of view the atmospheres generated by seemingly random sounds. What interests him in these snapshots of the acoustic status quo is the complexity, the density ratios and the inconspicuous musical links. Peter transcribes movements, pitches and rhythms, attempting to extrapolate a grammar. For the thornbill CD, Thomas Peter transforms this into an extremely abstract and minimalistic form. He varies small musical miniatures encountered, reducing the original recordings to individual frequencies and rhythmic patterns. He uses not only the field recordings for his sound material, but augments these with electronic sounds and recordings of acoustic instruments.“

Thomas Peter (*1971) is a musician and composer. His activities range from composing electro-acoustical music and theatre music, performing improvised music, creating sound installations to realizing and interpreting of live electronic.

His main interests lie in the digital form of electronic music, in its adaption as an acoustical content in different spaces and in computer operated sound installations. Thomas Peter studied audiodesign, composition and improvisation at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel.