Marcus Schmickler + Julian Rohrhuber - Politiken der Frequenz CD 25633
[Tochnit Aleph / Editions]

Marcus Schmickler + Julian Rohrhuber - Politiken der Frequenz CD 25633
CD Version. Comes in multicoloured Jewel-case with silver foil sticker!

The question whether it is possible to "perceive changes in a society through changes in its music" is a point of departure for an investigation in the sonification of number systems in Politics of Frequency. After all, as it seems, "music and economy share a fundamental object, number." With reference to Alain Badious writing 'Le nombre et les nombres', Marcus Schmickler and Julian Rohrhuber trace out how number governs contemporary economics, human sciences, and finally our everyday life, following the assumption that we don't know numbers well enough to be able to build an economy on their basis. The sonification of special problems in the theory of number offers a form of a break with the ubiquitous demand for self-evidence.

1. Number (Surreal Number) 2. Dedekind Cuts 3. Number and Negativity 4. Spectral Digits 5. Prime Factors 6. Complex Numbers 7. Riemann Zeta Function 8. Linear Congruence/ Intercalation 9. Interlude: Dissonance/ Divergence 10. Cardinal Numbers 0א .11 12. One (Unity) 13. Refrain: Numbers’ Negation

Marcus Schmickler is a researching composer and has written numerous pieces for electronic music, chamber ensemble, choir and orchestra, which have been premiered by renowned ensembles and musicians. Many of his works are informed by scientific subjects as well as methods.

Julian Rohrhuber works on the philosophy of science, media theory, algorithmic acoustics, and art. He has programmed algorithms for sound synthesis in artistic and scientific projects and contributed to the open source computer language SuperCollider.

Co-released with Editions Mego.

Edition of 300 copies