Evol - Wormhole Shubz CD 23288

Evol - Wormhole Shubz CD 23288
The tracks on this album were written and recorded in Alloa (Scotland) and Barcelona (Catalonia) between 2009 and 2011 by Stephen Sharp and Roc Jim?nez de Cisneros. The booklet accompanying this record includes an interview with Eric Persing, founder of Spectrasonics and father of the legendary 'hoover' sound. Wormhole Shubz constitutes a new step forward in the ongoing audio research/frenzy that Sharp and Jiménez de Cisneros call Rave Synthesis, a deconstruction of rave culture icons under radically different compositional strategies.1 A combination of trance inducing exercise and hooliganistic noise, Wormhole Shubz pulls the listener into a maelstrom of quasi-periodic patterns and large-scale whirling structures that provide a renewed morphology for custom-made hoovers, supersaws, and other oddly familiar club culture standards. First Edition of 200 copies inside A5-Booklet with glow-in-the-dark screenprint cover.