Haswell & Hecker - Revision 12" 00622
[Editions Mego]

Haswell & Hecker - Revision 12\" 00622
Edition of 500. The Russell Haswell + Florian Hecker re-mix/recomposition for VOICE CRACK (1972/2002) contained on this single-sided vinyl 12" was previously released as part of the CD compilation "Voice Crack: Remixed" on the now defunct South London Label, Ambush. To the artists' horror it was released -18dB quieter than the supplied master, a +8dB peak level at 0dBFS! Rashad Becker at Dubplates + Mastering in Berlin managed to restore the intended effect of between +6dB and +8dB, depending on the cartridge and tone-arm et cetera used by the listener."