Christina Kubisch - Mono Fluido CD 22219

Christina Kubisch - Mono Fluido CD 22219
'Mono Fluido collects two major compositions from Christina Kubisch which, until now, have been unreleased. Extensive liner notes & photographs detail the origins of the work. Heavy drones and deep emotions run through these newly discovered pieces. In 1980 I had the possibility to make some professional recordings on an eight track tape in an Italian sound studio for the sound track of the film 'Liquid movie' by Fabrizio Plessi. Some months after having finished the sound track I listened to the material again and suddenly felt the desire to make a new piece out of the material, which would be free of the limitations of a cinematic sound track. I made several new mixdowns of the eight track tape and treated some of the sounds with a speed control device, one of the few tools which I had available in my own studio at that time. The sound sources are flute (alto and bass flute) played by myself, the sounds of swinging plastic tubes in the air, the recordings of the windscreen wiper ('tergicristallo') of my old car, the sampled sounds of glass and of my own breathing. Just pure instrumental sounds and some 'field recordings', no electronics.

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