CM Von Hausswolff / Robert Piotrowicz - Split LP 20785

CM Von Hausswolff / Robert Piotrowicz - Split LP 20785
Limited edition of 200 copies. The Robert Piotrowicz side consists of one long track, "Clinamen 3," that continues his careful study of the analog modular synthesizer. With each release, his ability to structure and compose has become more and more polished, to where pieces don't have the raw, improvised sound usually expected from experimenting with analog instruments, but instead represent carefully arranged and structured pieces. "Clinamen 3" is essentially three movements in a single piece, the first characterized by a high frequency tone and an erratic rhythmic bass pulse that slowly builds upon one another until it creates a wall of symphonic roar.

In contrast to Piotrowicz's bombast, Von Hausswolff instead opts for quiet, textural studies of sound. The first of his two pieces, "Ritual Shaving of an Ass in Belgium (aka Eating A Piranha Wouldn't Be So Bad The Way Things Are These Days)," besides being a strong leader for song title of the year, is based upon loops composed for an installation performance. The textures are light and scratchy, with careful variation on the crunchy textures, with the vaguest insinuation of bass hidden. The following piece, "Ritual Shaving of an Ass in Poland (aka The Snoring Innocence)," is rawer, static, heavy, and abrasive. It's short but it seems to capture extraneous sounds and audience conversations on ragged audio tape, which is then used and mangled to create an approximation of what would be considered a "noise" track, but its worn, decaying nature gives it an historical, hollow quality that makes it quite unique.

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