Wolfgang Müller - Séance Vocibus Avium Book+7" 22000
[Fang Bomb]

Wolfgang Müller - Séance Vocibus Avium Book+7\" 22000
In 1994 Wolfgang Müller recreate the calls of the "Great Auk" with support by Kristbjörg Kjeld and the Icelandic Natural Museum. The last two birds of this species (pinguinus impennis) were killed 1844 at Eldey, a tiny rock in the sea around Iceland. Now Wolfgang ask his friends to recreate the calls of ten more extinct bird species precisely after scientistic descriptions. Their combined, exquisitely detailed efforts are now published on 7" and cd, with a 40 page book, by the swedish Label Fang Bomb. The 7" edition is limited to 200 copies, the CD version limited to 100 copies. With Namosh, Max Müller, Frieder Butzmann, Frederik Schikowsky, Justus Köhnke, Annette Humpe, Francoise Cactus & Brezel G?hring, Nicholas Bussmann, Hartmut Andryczuk, Khan, Wolfgang Müller.

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