Christof Migone - Scratch (4) 7“-Object 28208
[Squint Fucker Press]

Christof Migone - Scratch (4) 7“-Object 28208
Fourth part in the series of seven 7“ record-objects by Christof Migone. Limited edition of 77 copies.

Publication includes a 7-inch embossed front cover with die-cut hole back cover + grooveless opaque white vinyl scratched by the public during the events and exhibitions listed below + two 7″x7″ full colour inserts + AIFF and MP3 (320 kbps) versions of 4 tracks with a total time of 35:16.

Recorded and presented as part of Sweet Gongs Vibrating at the San Diego Art Institute, a line has two sides at the Artlab in London (Ontario), and in Toronto: Press Play at Zalucky Contemporary, and at the Tranzac. All in 2016-2017. Mixed and edited summer 2017.