Andrea Tippel - Ich und Sie 2CDR 28195
[Andrea Tippel Selbstverla]

Andrea Tippel - Ich und Sie 2CDR 28195
Ich und Sie - ein Roman aus dreibuchstabigen Wörtern.

Original reading by Andrea Tippel (1945-2012) of her novel "Ich und Sie“ which consists of 3-letter-words exclusively.

Double CD in an edition of 45 numbered copies published by the artist in 2009.

A new & improved 2CD reissue of this work is planned on Tochnit Aleph in 2019. Until then here is a chance to get the original version made by the artist.

"In an interview published on artinfo.com earlier this year, Dorothy Iannone, the self-taught American painter known for her sexually-charged and psychedelic imagery, lamented that the work of Andrea Tippel was yet to receive the recognition it deserved. I have witnessed similar sentiments in the Hamburg art scene over the past few months, prompted by Tippel’s death in April 2012. Born in the Black Forest region of Germany in 1945, Tippel studied, not visual art, but acting, philosophy and psychology. Although she lived most of her life in Berlin, she is perhaps best known for her work as a professor at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, where she influenced many emerging artists and earned a reputation for her fierce and wide-ranging intellect. Organized by the artist before her death, the exhibition Zeichnungen aus den 70ern (Drawings from the 70s) featured small, uniformly-framed drawings which Tippel produced when she was in her late 20s and early 30s and began forging her own aesthetic style after being initially inspired by the works of Tomas Schmit, Dieter Roth and the Fluxus movement of the 1960s. (…)“
- from www.frieze.com/article/andrea-tippel