Moniek Darge & Godfried-Willem Raes - 2 gather CD 23138

Moniek Darge & Godfried-Willem Raes - 2 gather CD 23138
this cd delves into the long and outstanding history of the logos duo, moniek darge and godfried-willem raes. it brings together a selection of pieces performed all over the world since 1970

the logos duo is the pioneering ensemble for experimental music in flanders and leads to the larger logos ensemble and the new (men and machine) format in 1997 the logos duo was given the official title of 'cultural ambassador of flanders' in recognition of their worldwide appearances and successes

Godfried-Willem Raes: piano, percussion, vibraphone, synthelog (analog synthesizer built and designed by the author) , 19th century clarinets, digital loudspeaker system, voice, miniature electroacoustic computer controlled Hex orchestra

Moniek Darge: violin, objects, voice, electric violin, Stroh-violin, Plex, crystal glasses, automat.