Mario de Vega / D. Silvestrin / V. Mazón Gardoqui - Limen (SPECIAL) Book/Object 2

Mario de Vega / D. Silvestrin / V. Mazón Gardoqui - Limen (SPECIAL) Book/Object 2
Special artist edition. The LIMEN book as an electronic object sound-device.


LIMEN is a research based on an electronic interface designed to translate electromagnetic radiation (EMR) into sound, in correlation with a bilingual publication that collects contributions by five authors that discuss and analyse the ongoing proliferation of EMR.

The interface is based on RSSI analysis (Radio Signal Strength Indicator). By doing so, LIMEN receives and measures electromagnetic radiation, and through an analog process translates this activity into a decibel value, producing an audible signal with complex morphology.

LIMEN is an hybrid format that involves technology development, workshops, seminars, printed matter, site-related work, and digital platforms to observe, discuss and analyse the immense battle and controversy about whether or in how far the exposure to EMR is harmful for living organisms. In doing so, what quickly comes to the foreground —and what has become, for example, a well known pattern since the fights and arguments over whether tobacco is harmful to our health or even carcinogenic— are the interests, politics and communication strategies of those producing and promoting those technologies and products, whether or not the claims of this advocating harmful effects are right. The research analyses affective qualities of vibrant phenomena by means to create experiences and ways of knowledge production. It looks at both the biological and physical, as well as the cultural and socio-political implications underlying techno-scientific developments.

LIMEN argues against one of the biggest problems in scientific research therefore what Harry G. Frankfurt has very boldly called bullshit: While a liar in reality knows, or believes to know, the truth and needs to deceive us regarding both his or her knowledge and the facts themselves. What emphasises the bullshitter is the fact that he or she does not care what the truth is. The bullshitter is not interested in whether telling the truth or a lie, but only in the effect he wants to achieve.

The research addresses these various aspects and details to approach something as ungraspable and inaccessible as the EM sphere, with the aim of understanding how to find a way to experience it and extend practical knowledge than the purely mathematical and / or theoretical. As an outcome of a possible way to expose this magnitude, LIMEN makes use of sound as artistic material and affective force to explore not only the physical presence per se, but also to make it accessible in its different intensities and qualities by transducing EM radiation into sound, therefore giving the user the possibility to discover the hidden surroundings in their quality of being filled with or polluted by different types of EMR.

In a society that is based and focused on the production and acquisition of knowledge, and considers knowledge as a defining element of its era, it is important to look at what lies at or even beyond the borders of what we know, or think we know. Knowledge always also creates and is inseparable from ignorance, which therefore works as an important inspiration and driving force for the pursuit to explore and understand the world we live in— a central inspiration at the core of both scientific and artistic research. At the same time, if knowledge is of such importance in our society, ignorance can also become a strategic tool for political, economic of other agendas when willfully and purposefully created or maintained. The major challenge related to ignorance is to become aware of it, and thereby to turn so-called “unknown unknowns” into “known unknowns”


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