Marcellvs L. - Dreamlessness MC 27437
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Marcellvs L. - Dreamlessness MC 27437
Alexander Kluge: The cosmos is cold.
Heiner Müller: Dreamless.
Alexander Kluge: Dreamlessly cold.

2-channel audio composition

Binaural composition of a person sleeping with apnea and a panicking dog in a house during a storm.

A "Sleep apnea" is a sleep disorder interrupting an individual's breathing during sleep, sometimes hundreds of times in one night.

"Dreamlessness" was first presented as a two-channel installation on headphones as part of Marcellvs L.'s exhibition "Slow Ontology" (2015) and now it is available as an audio cassette release, with one side of the cassette shell in black, the other in white.

Marcellvs L. (b. 1980 Belo Horizonte, Brazil) lives and works between Berlin and Seyðisfjörður. His video and sound installations create tangible and physical stagings of time which are decelerated by setting commonplace objects in a state of perpetual duration, perceptibly detaching them from reality.

Edition of 50 copies.


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