Junko & Thomas Tilly - Wild Protest LP 27325
[Alga Marghen]

Junko & Thomas Tilly - Wild Protest LP 27325
In July 2016, at Vent des Forets, Junko made a series of cries performances in the woods, wild burst into the Meuse forest howling known from the Japanese noise scene. Out of words and meaning, pure expression of the body, its shrill cries full of freedom and revolt moot. The sound of his voice rending sounds of the surrounding nature is recorded by Thomas Tilly distilling this first sound material to compose a piece revealing an exceptional audio experience.

Each year, Pascal Yonet, director of the Art Center Vent des Forets invites between 6 and 8 artists to confront with a natural forest environment and to create a unique work, more or less ephemeral. The project is born from the desire to bring together two sound artists, a brutiste performer and a field recorder on a territory that still resounds with cries of two world wars.

Long time tracking in the forest and around allowed Junko and Thomas to find the most relevant and surprising places for its outlets. Registration cries Thomas could capture the immediate or distant sound environment which then forms the basis of its original composition.

Each cry is geo-localized, the tracklist gives the GPS coordinates of each.

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