Anna Schimkat - Rondo No.3 MC 26247
[Recordings for the Summer]

Anna Schimkat - Rondo No.3 MC 26247
Recordings for the Summer presents, Rondo No.3, the second cassette release of Leipzig based sound & installation artist, Anna Schimkat.

The rondo is a traditional musical form dating to the 18th century. Schimkat's Rondo is a series of electroacoustic compositions combining the sounds of the human voice with a neuroimaging machine, known as fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging).

The sounds of the fMRI machine were recorded during a study for the release of dopamine.

Schimkat addresses the human attention span and poses the question How is perception put into effect during repetition on which a rondo is based? How are contexts understood during and through repetition? Thereby, this piece also analyses human comprehension. Schimkat questions science’s attempt to measure human perception and comprehension on an abstract level through neural processes in the brain captured with the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging. Instead of being a true representation of the individual’s brain activation, the fMRI image is the average of data collected from a range of individuals. This abstract generation of knowledge is contrasted with the sensual experience of a musical composition.

However due to the powerful magnetic field generated by the neuroimaging machines, Schimkat had to obtain a recording from the physicians occupying a room adjacent to the fMRI. The challenges present in the attempt to record the fMRI lend an overall sense of absurdity to Rondo No.3. Recording, an action which requires machines that use magnetic fields, is instantly defeated by the fields generated from the fMRI.

Composition No.1 of Rondo was presented as a live performance in 2012, during the solo-show "Von Monaden und linearen Kreisen" at Kunstraum Barthel. Rondo No.2 is from a 12 inch vinyl recording, limited to 5 (+1) pieces. On Rondo No.3, Schimkat examines the elements of the recording by isolating and separating the sounds of the original composition, the refrains are now on the one side of the cassette, all melodies on the other.

The cover artwork is based on sketches of the score by Anna Schimkat as well as a special made poem by Michael Barthel. Edition of 30, numbered and signed by Anna Schimkat.

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