Jacob Kirkegaard - 5 Pieces 3MC (signed) 26278
[Posh Isolation]

Jacob Kirkegaard - 5 Pieces 3MC (signed) 26278
Jacob Kirkegaard is a Danish sound artist residing in Berlin. With an impressive resume that ranges from collaborations withElse Marie Pade to presentations at New York's Museum of Modern Art and an extensive recording career, he should need little to no introduction. Kirkegaard's first major retrospective solo exhibition opens at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark, on January 30, 2015. In relation to this event Posh Isolation is proud to present a triple-cassette album containing five of Kirkegaard's previously unreleased works. The five compositions all bear the signature sound of Kirkegaard's processed field recordings slowly evolving into carefully crafted drone works, rich in both detail and emotion. Limited to 200 copies.

please note: the cassette-case is a bit cracked in one corner.

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