Lucio Capece - Epoché CD 26252
[Hideous Replica]

Lucio Capece - Epoché CD 26252
Recorded in Berlin 2013 - 2014. Analog Synthesisers, Oscillators, Ring Modulator, Equalisers in Feedback, Hand Fan, Sine Waves, Electronic Drum. Edition of 100 copies.

"I have spent 11 years in Berlin and 2 in France before installing myself in Germany. During this period my work has been mainly categorised into the area of reductionist and post reductionism music. It has been more and more clear for me since around 3 years to focus my work in perception aspects, mainly done in solo format. This includes the choice of quietness as a context, as a way to induce deep listening and space perception. But It is necessary at this point for me to make explicit that is not my intention to be part or to develop and aesthetic around silence, but around perception. And this includes diverse levels of activity and sources according to the aspects that I work in each piece. To work on perception does not mean anything especially intellectual, mysterious or mystical, but to focus on our ears, our bodies,in the way we inhabit a space. Instruments and tools that are part of us and that come to this world with us. EPOCHÉ is my solo work that less relates to a silent approach of doing music, being based in the use of quite abundant material, and dynamics."