Akio Suzuki - Gelbe Musik Editions 2CD 25825

Akio Suzuki - Gelbe Musik Editions 2CD 25825
Edition of 200 copis only. A re-issue of three extremely rare and highly sought-after CDRs only made available during exhibitions curated by Ursula Block's gelbe MUSIK shop & gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Akio Suzuki: '75.6.30
Akio Suzuki: Suzuki-Type Glass Harmonica 'De Koolmees'
Akio Suzuki: Tanabata.

Because it has since been discovered that one of the discs was given a title based on a mistaken performance date ('75.6.30) and another was copied from an incorrect audio master (Tanabata) in addition to the CDRs starting to become unplayable due to age plus other factors, this has made a CD re-issue all the more imperative.