Konrad Sprenger & Ellen Fullman - Ort CD 25710

Konrad Sprenger & Ellen Fullman - Ort CD 25710
"Ellen Fullman, composer, instrument builder and performer was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1957. Irish-American, and of partial Cherokee Indian ancestry, with the distinction of having been kissed by Elvis at age one, Fullman studied sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute before heading to New York in the early nineteen-eighties. In Kansas City she created and performed an amplified metal sound-producing skirt and wrote art-songs which she recorded in New York for a small cassette label.

In 2000, Fullman received a grant to live and work in Berlin for one year. A former American colleague from her New York years, composer Arnold Dreyblatt, already based in Berlin for many years, introduced Fullman to Jörg Hiller, aka Konrad Sprenger, two generations her junior. At the beginning, Dreyblatt suggested to record an album of songs, harking back to Fullman’s own southern heritage and the promise of her early song-work left unfulfilled, mirrored to Hiller’s fascination with early American folk traditions inspired by Harry Smith’s documentary recordings.

Truly an exercise in shifting contexts, Fullman’s haunting voice blends eerily with the sonorities of her instrument, which seems to function as a kind of cosmic fiddle. Hiller, as producer, arranger and musician, has created a “wall of sound” behind Fullman with a potpourri of acoustic instruments, including Dreyblatt’s own “excited strings bass”, a zither, violin, electric bass and even tympani along with the Long String Instrument."

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