Konrad Sprenger - Miniaturen CD 25713

Konrad Sprenger - Miniaturen CD 25713
“Miniaturen” or in English: “Miniatures” is Konrad Sprenger’s first solo album. The dictionary defines a miniature as “a representation or image of something on a small or reduced scale”. Sprenger worked for over two years to find a “grand form” in which to represent his myriad bagatelles; drawing from hundreds of finished and unfinished recordings recorded over the last ten years with a diverse palette of musicians, artists and friends.

The result is an unlikely juxtaposition of 32 abbreviated sonoric vignettes, each with its own internal logic, each a setting within a diverse range of musical styles (ranging from pop, kraut, baroque, american minimalism etc.), recognizable on the one hand, yet always unexpected. The instrumentation is equally abstruse: from mechanical bird organs and automated musical machines from the 1800 to sine waves, harmonium, timpanies, steel drum, siren and countless other examples; this is a sonic exploration of endless possibilities where each work takes the listener one step forward, building on perceptual associations, so that one never knows where one will end up next. " - Arnold Dreyblatt

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