Stian Skagen - The Inward Rising CD 23035

Stian Skagen - The Inward Rising CD 23035
Stian Skagen (b.1980) is one of the leading Scandinavian sound artists, his work has been exhibited and performed several places around the world. The music presented on this release was made for the sound installation The Inward Rising by Skagen and fellow artist Monica Winther. The installation was presented at the Henie Onstad Art Centre from the 20th of November until 14th of December 2008.

The Inward Rising is according to Skagen the result from a one-year research in paint pigments reflective and absorbing light qualities. LED light was programmed to change the colors reflecting from the painting. Various patterns and color combinations build up a large painting that in constant change as the lights are changing. The object was the source for a sound and video composition.

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