Gurs / Drancy / Bobigny / Auschwitz / Birkenau / Chelmno-Kulmhof ... 2CD 24726

Gurs / Drancy / Bobigny / Auschwitz / Birkenau / Chelmno-Kulmhof ... 2CD 24726
Recent pictures and sound recordings realised on the grounds of confinement, deportation and extermination of the Second World War, in France and in Poland, by sound-artist St?phane Garin and photographer Sylvestre Gobart.

"The extermination perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its collaborationist countries against those undesirable populations (Jews, homosexuals, tziganes, mentally and physically handicapped people?) provoked a real cataclysm within our civilization because of its method, its singularity and its extent.

What memory do we keep alive today of those events, at the time of multiple commemorations, memorials and other enclosed memories.

Our artistic move aims to break off with the iconography which conditions our collective memory as much by the medium as by the contents of the pictures and the sound. What matters here is to attempt to recover and to reinvest that memory. The distance that separates us from the past tragedies increases the risk of a ritualization or a ?monumentalization? of the memory, and that is the reason why we need, through art, to feed the visual memory of extermination.

The deliberate choice not to work on any visual element that refers to the systematic iconography of the camps endeavours to create, with the sound, that restraint which is essential to reverence, as it is the signature of what happened."

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