Ottmar Hörl - Gebrochenes Weiß CD (signed) 28519
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Ottmar Hörl - Gebrochenes Weiß CD (signed) 28519
Edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered.

"Ottmar Hörl wirft weißes Porzellan an die Wand, bis die Ziegel zum Vorschein kommen, 20 Minuten lang. Auf dem Atelierboden sammelt sich das Gebrochene Weiß. Hier ist die Audio-CD dieser Aktion, auch als Videoarbeit realisiert wurde.“

"Ottmar Hörl threw white china against the wall until you can see the bricks, for 20 minutes. On the studios floor the broken white porcellan is being collected. You can hear this on CD as well as on video tape."

Ottmar Hörl (b. 1950) is a German conceptual artist, known for his sculptures, installations, actions, photography, and objects He achieved worldwide popularity due to his radical, avantgarde art concepts as well as large-scale projects featuring serial sculptures in public spaces, based on his distinctive definition of sculpture as an organisational principle. He is considered an "offensive and direct strategist campaigning for a new type of public art“ and the most successful artist creating multiples, implementing his vision of art for everyone and promoting the democratisation of sculpture like no other so far.

"As an artist, I have to develop an idea that goes beyond just setting a little mould down somewhere. The idea must attempt to put contemporary thinking into a nutshell and people can start building their own personal structure from there."