Tobias Kirstein - Handbook of Aggressive Listening Book/Object 28413
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Tobias Kirstein - Handbook of Aggressive Listening Book/Object 28413
This publication is an art book, a sound emitter, a cultural critic and a manual for actions.

The book contains a tone generator, that emits a 10.000 hz tone. This gives the reader the possibility to create a sonic intervention in her close environment – the intimate territory that we on so many levels are in a constant dialogue with.

The book documents the artistic endeavours of Haxholm and Kirstein, who since 2011 has manifested itself in physically demanding performances within the four white walls of the gallery, invisible interventions in the public space, sculptural actions, workshops, theoretical and poetic texts on the act of listening, ambience, influence and possibilities. In many ways a free flowing artistic praxis that has both dirt under the nails and is theoretically informed from many different fields of knowledge such as science fiction, spy novels, research on terror, the philosophy of art, political theory and architectural theory.

Handbook of Aggressive Listening is both a documentation of their collaborative works, a manual for the reader and a further development of the thoughts that the works have created. Thus the book is not a retrospective best of, but rather an invitation for further reflection and action – a handbook that gives the possibility of change. The texts are written by Haxholm and Kirstein, and by researcher and associate professor in performance design and audiovisual culture, Ulrik Schmidt.

Handbook of Aggressive Listening was made in close collaboration with researcher Rasmus Holmboe, art director Anders Busk, printed at Eksskolens Trykkeri and supported by The Danish Arts Council.

The book will be the stepping stone for a number of dialogues with artists and researchers in the near future. Arranged in cooperation with The Lake Radio.