Jana Schulz - Andy Alanis Book+MC+LP+Print 27915
[Jana Schulz]

"Some will win, some will lose
Some will sing the blues"

Artist-Book, 174 pages, 26 x17 cm, Edition of 100, numbered

The book assembles poems, notes, drawings and collages by Andy Alanis (*1957 as Andreas Michael Etzold, d.2001). In his letters he addresses ‚Jana‘, who is also this books publisher. By doing so, Alanis projects all his desire for recognition and approval on ‚Jana‘ due to his outsider-role in society. Similar to a musical composition, Jana Schulz creates her own rhythm from the different pieces Alanis had sent to her.

- - -

"A = Aufnahme für Jana / Andy Alanis"

Audio-Cassette + booklet in silkscreened box, 22 x 22 x 3 cm, Edition of 15, numbered

A = Aufnahme für Jana / Andy Alanis is a cassette which again had been recorded for ‚Jana‘. It contains perso- nal text fragments combined with Alanis‘ own guitar sound and songs taken from the radio. The cassette-box cover shows two pictures of a young man posing for the camera. He resembles a famous singer-songwriter of the 70’s. Unlike a usual popstar who sings about some abstract love while offering himself as a „Projektions- fläche“ to his real fans, Alanis adores a seemingly ‚real‘ person. But he is locked up. His imprisonment consti- tutes the breeding groud for his fantasies.

- - -

"Wer macht im Krieg die Musik?
Ihr meint wohl die Kanon‘?
Doch pro Kanon‘ ein Ton,
das würd‘ sich nicht lohn’"

Vinyl LP, Edition of 7 copies

This composition is a co-work of Jana Schulz and Stefan Schöneich, a musician based in Munich. It imitates elements of Krautrock and the sound of early electronic music.

- - -


Silkscreen Print, 124 x 86 cm

Edition of 50 copies

The poster shows Andy Alanis as a pop-star. His hair is reflecting the stage light, which had been added digi- tally afterwords. This refers to the pop-poster as a merchandise product, hanging on the walls of some teen- agers bedroom.