Martin Riches - The Machines Book (signed) 27427

Martin Riches - The Machines Book (signed) 27427
Hardcover book, 16 x 21 cm, 96 pages, 34 color- and 24 B/W-illustrations, German / English / Danish language. Signed by Martin Riches.

"Martin Riches’ “Machines” are characterized by motion, mechanics, and a precise synchronization of visual and acoustic processes. In the past 35 years, he has conceived and constructed some 40 kinetic objects, sound sculptures, and sound installations. Maskinerne / The Machines is the first comprehensive publication on Martin Riches’ oeuvre." With texts & essays by Carsten Seiffarth, Markus Steffens, and Thorsten Sadowsky.

"Over the last four decades media artist Martin Riches has designed and produced a sizeable array of kinetic objects, sound sculptures, acoustic speech synthesizers, music machines and interactive audio-visual installations. Born in 1942, his first one man show was in 1973 and since 1987 he has worked exclusively as an artist. Having originally trained as an architect, Riches incorporates a strong engineering aesthetic into his work, concealing nothing and he has made the transparency of his machines one of their substantive virtues – the very opposite of a black box. His music machines, speaking machines and other sound objects have inspired many composers to write for them and so they are shown in not only in art and media exhibitions but also in concerts and as collaborative sound installations."