Toni Spyra - Virago Art-Multiple
[Toni Spyra]

Virago (2012)

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With his conceptual works, objects and installations, sometimes silently present in the urban landscape, German artist Toni Spyra (b.1981), currently based in Linz, Austria, offers his viewers a moment of reflection. The artist is an observer of everyday life, using simple, mundane objects in creative ways to explore our obsessions, fears, beliefs, pointing towards certain human habits and social behavior. From a canister of pepper spray with a perfume applicator attached, to a clothes hanger with a saw blade; these threatening works immediately announce their inherent danger and allow the viewer to reflect on safety and self protection in our culture. What Spyra reveals are aspects of a reality that we often tend to ignore and avoid to confront or, on the contrary, that has become so much alive, that we unconsciously let it control our every reaction. This discourse is usually prefaced by a smile, but what lies beyond the humorous approach is the essence of Toni Spyra’s thought-provoking works, that might take you out of the comfort zone.