Jens Standke - Vinylactite / Vinylagmite LP/Object 26060
[Jens Standke]

Jens Standke - Vinylactite / Vinylagmite LP/Object 26060
Artist-Record featuring a playable LP plus a record-object. Comes in gatefold-sleeve with fullcolour booklet about the installation / process. Edition of 200 numbered and signed copies.

"Double-album containing vinyl-art and sound. 34 tracks are selected out of a huge sound archive of nearly 1.500 tracks with nearly 24 hours of sound. Side (A) contains 18 tracks from the sculpture VINYLACTITE I, side (B) has 16 tracks from the sculpture VINYLAGMITE I. The sculptures were made layer by layer. Each record of these sculpture is milled separately by a diy-cnc-milling-machine, called TECHNOFKTUR: this machine controls not only the milling-head, but also an optical pickup! This pickup is not bound to the spiral sound grooves, but can move freely above the vinyl and do record musical information along the cutting edge!

Each record from the sculpture has a counterpart as vinyl-art-shape and has a sonic equivalent. 100 counterparts of each sculpture are selected for this limited edition of 200 pieces. Each album has one piece of vinyl-art and one regular vinyl-LP."