Hanna Hartman - Black Bat 10“ 27081

Hanna Hartman - Black Bat 10“ 27081
BLACK BAT was composed for the speaker system of BERGHAIN, a state-of- the-art bunker sound system for contemporary electronic music and a central pivot of Berlin nightlife. The resonance in the large room is an immense experience set off by the forceful sound system. The space and the phenomena of impact become topics enacted within the musical score of BLACK BAT. Approached like a kind of sonar mapping, the music appears like a site specific document engraved in seismic patterns on the vinyl acetate surface. Essential. BLACK BAT features contra bass clarinet by the acclaimed Berlin musician Theo Nabicht.

Commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur & Sclossmediale Werdenberg. Premiered as part of the Art's Birthday and Ultraschall Festival in Berlin. Black Bat was given an honorary mention of Ars Electronica 2015.

Hanna Hartman is a Swedish composer, sound artist and performer living in Berlin since 2000. Since the early 1990s she has composed works for radio, electroacoustic music and has created sound installations and given numerous performances all over Europe.