Astral Colonels (Pateras & Tricoli) - Good Times in the End Times CD 27070

Astral Colonels (Pateras & Tricoli) - Good Times in the End Times CD 27070
A billion perspectives on the same instrumental explosion. Approaching their electro-acoustic arsenal as a shimmering diamond refracting omni-directional compositional potential, Astral Colonels (Anthony Pateras & Valerio Tricoli) have worked over 7 years to transform pianos, organs, harpsichords, tape machines and synthesizers into an expansive sonic otherworld.

Known for his work as producer/singer of the cult Italian group 3/4hadbeeneliminated, as well as his collaborations with Thomas Ankersmit, Sicilian electro-acoustic composer Valerio Tricoli’s compositional alchemy is positioned somewhere between the masterworks of the GRM, the song-form complexity of Roy Harper and Brian Wilson, metaphysics, the radical signal paths proposed by the Sonic Arts Union, classic Russian literature and late 20th century psychedelics. Under the spiritual guidance of Fernando Oreste Nannetti, the Astral Colonels pay tribute to his detailed imagination and obsession, laughing in the face of hell to bring you good times in the end times.

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