Bernard Gagnon - Musique Électronique 1973-1983 LP 25230

Bernard Gagnon - Musique Électronique 1973-1983 LP 25230
Born in 1953, Bernard Gagnon is a product of Quebec's late 1960s underground music scene. In 1973, the Montreal-based musician turned to music theory, studied with Iannis Xenakis and met John Cage. That year, his band Mergélèpe-Guorismogue joined Montreal's Atelier de musique expérimentale (AME), an organization created by Raymond Gervais, Michel Di Torre, Yves Bouliane and Robert M. Lepage to promote improvised music. Two years later, Gagnonbegan experimenting with electronic sounds as a member of Kevin Austin's MetaMusic. At the turn of the decade, he studied under alcides lanza, Mariano Etkin and Paul Pedersen. It is then that he composed and recorded his first electroacoustic pieces using the electronic music studio at Mcgill University. In 1981, he was awarded both the CAPAC Hugh Le Caine Award and Radio-Canada's Prix national de composition électro-acoustique.