Daniel Teruggi - Instants D'Hiver / Summer Band CD 25496
[Ina GRM]

Daniel Teruggi - Instants D\'Hiver / Summer Band CD 25496
"Two works by Terruggi: 1.instants d'hiver (1993) ten moments compose the winter instants, born in winter and from different worlds that hove existed or hove remained only as projects. i used again their sound richness giving them a new mobility and providing them a unique space. the winter instants are dedicated to the different musical currents of the composers of the grm // 2. summer band (1996) for bandoneon and bandoneon images. in memorian carlos iraldi, sound inventor. this work is a homage to the sound of my country and to all those that obtain from this portable organ called the bandoneon, a sound of an incredible beauty, conveying the fascination of its overlapped rhythms and the ? jiruletes ?. a new acousmatic destiny opens up here for the bandoneon. in spite of the studio transformations, its breath remains unattained, blending itself with the real living breath of juan jose mosalini."

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