Dennis Smalley - Sources / Scénes CD 20528
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Dennis Smalley - Sources / Scénes CD 20528
"The idea of a principal sound source as provider of the central material and concept unites three works on this CD, and is embodied in their titles - Tides, Empty Vessels, and Base Metals. In each case a characteristic sound acts as a central reference as well as 'irrigating' the piece. But it also inspires and guides the choice of other sounds and the play of relationships among them, thereby influencing musical form. In Empty Vessels it is the sound of air resonating in large garden pots along with recordings of the surrounding environment. In Tides it is two water recordings - a closely recorded water texture which furnishes the 'pool' sequences, and a recording of the approaching sea which gives the second movement (Sea Flight) its wave forms. Finally, in Base Metals, the resonances of a family of metal sound sculptures provide the rich reservoir of colorful sound spectra which enable harmonic and timbral evolutions.

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