Claude Schryer - Autour CD 20526
[Empreintes Digitales]

Claude Schryer - Autour CD 20526
"I consider myself a child of the acoustic ecology ideology developed by R Murray Schafer and the World Soundscape Project, including the notion that artists can help design a more imaginative and balanced soundscape. The evocative nature of recorded soundscapes fascinate me environmentally, musically and spiritually. My artistic practice involves a process of listening, analyzing, transforming and then orchestrating recorded soundscapes into electroacoustic portraits, in search of, among other things, the "Sharawadji Effect." The effect comes about as a surprise and will carry you elsewhere, beyond strict representation - out of context. In this brutal confusion, the senses get lost. A beautiful Sharawadji plays with the rules of composition, manipulates them and awakens a feeling of pleasure through perceptual confusion.

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