Denis Dofour - Chrysalide CD 10190
[Ina GRM]

Denis Dofour - Chrysalide CD 10190
3 pieces composed in july 1993 at the motus studio. dedicated to marc jaffeux. 1. trepidopt?res. is a modern version of the biological process whereby a chrysalis is metamorphosed. the spiritual change involved in a journey // 2. mues du son, here we find a number of wild refrains from bocalises, melodically repeated spirals in which the deliberate poorness of the material gives rise to a happy melody - for the acousmatic art has the gift of bringing forth sumptuous songs, which dufour carefully sets like precious stones // 3. bille bleue, here we find and hear a sort of all-powerful ?sound-machine?, a jukebox or pin-ball machine, producing resonance and surrounded by thousands of submissive servants with chattering glass teeth and tibias knocking together with the clear sound of chinking porcelain. the piece ends with a false conclusion, as if in anticipation of a new work, a new beginning yet to come, a rusting of wings

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