Jean Schwarz - Erda 2CD 26412
[Ina GRM]

Jean Schwarz - Erda 2CD 26412
Double CD set containing four of his 70's tape works. "Erda' (1971) is a 27 minute piece in eight sections ranging thematically from 'Grillons' ('evocation of world of the insects'), '54 Oiseaux' ('songs of stereotyped birds such that give them the generators of studio 54'), and 'Klook'/'In Memoriam' (both tributes to jazz greats; Kenny Clarke and John Coltrane respectively). 'Symphonie' (1974) is a filmic 24 minute work using orchestral and flute timbres along with subtle tape effects and re-iterative motions. 'Surroundings' (1978) is an extended 53 minute piece that invokes 9 discrete locations (Broadway in Manhattan, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, a cable car in San Francisco, etc...). It features Charles Austin on saxophones and flute and Joe Gallivan (of Love Cry Want fame) on percussion and Moog synthesizer. Lastly (and certainly not leastly), 'Sonances' (1971), which is based around the figures and materials of the Baschet brothers sculptures adorning public and private grounds around the GRM center. "

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