Francois Bayle - Erosphere Book+DVD-Rom 20253
[Ina GRM]

Francois Bayle - Erosphere Book+DVD-Rom 20253
24x14cm, 122 pages, french, plus multi-lingual DVD-Rom, 2009. A book on Francis Bayle's compostion 'Erosphére' (1978-80), including in depth analysis, images of the score, etc. (french language only). The DVD-Rom (multilingual: french, englsh, japanese, portugese, chinese) has a great animation of the whole 64 minutes piece which let's you see and hear the whole piece and follow the graphic score; plus pdf files of the score (130 pages, fullcollour) including translations of the notebook; plus a photo album from the archives of the Ina GRM, portraying Bayle at work, in the studio, scores, flyers of concerts, etc. Suitable for Mac OS X, Windows XP, Quicktime 7.

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