Mats Lindström - МИГ LP 23669

Mats Lindström - МИГ LP 23669
МИГ (MIG) produced by PRO ARTE Foundation for JSC "Klimov" Aviation Engines Museum, St Petersburg, Russia September 2011. Recording assistant: Vladislav Petrov, Producer: Ekaterina Puzankova. IBM tracks recorded at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm April 2012. ONE tracks was premiered at San Servolo, Venezia, Italy, December 2008 together with Anna Koch "Scratch Memory". "Give Us the Tools ...." was premiered at Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany July 2006 Dedicated to Hugh Davies. "Children of Paradise" is a tape part remaining from the piece Sörmländsk tragedi for childrens string orchestra premiered at Kulturhuset Stockholm and Sveriges Radio P2 February 2003. Mats Lindstr?m works as a composer and a musician, often with strains of live-electronics. He often works with intermedia, scenic elements and visual arts as a complement to the music, and has worked both with music for concerts, theatre and dance as well as radio-art and sound installations. Formerly an engineer in the electronics industry Lindstr?m has designed and constructed a number of unique electronic musical instruments and apparatuses.

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